LED candelabra bulbs

The line of LED candelabra bulbs appear soft yellow light, a sense of candle flame, and there is no danger, safe for use, the bulb section uses LED bulbs, giving you safe scene effect.

Built-in energy saving light bulbs, as long as three small lithium battery, even if the long-term continuous use, and will not overheat the lamp holder to happen. LED candelabra bulbs comprise a lamp body shape, and lamp holder for lamp connected to the lamp body and the built-in light, wherein the light emitter electrode two LED, LED lamp is connected with the respective electrodes, respectively.

As a result of the LED light, making candle lights out energy saving and long life, high brightness uniformity, light effects, while also having to use lamp body made of glass vacuum bulb, you can use plastic and other materials, so that the lamp body is not prone to damage, more durable.