LED chandelier bulb

We have decided to go with LED bulbs for most of the lighting throughout our new home. Although there is a larger upfront cost, it seems like our energy savings would payback the bulb cost within just a few years. Plus, we love the idea of not having to replace bulbs all the time, especially in the high chandeliers. However, the electrician just placed the LED bulbs into our foyer and dining room chandeliers. We like the light they put out - not blue but clear and bright, but we do not like the bulbs themselves. They have a funky white plastic base that goes up about 1/3 of the way of the bulb. My husband said it looks like an ice-cream cone. We have a wrought iron chandelier in the foyer so it really detracts from the rustic look with this white plastic. We asked the builder/electrician about other LED options that minimize the amount of white on the base but they advised that the only ones they are aware of are for lower wattage (20 watts or under equivalent) and we wanted to have 40-60 watt equivalent since it is pretty high in the foyer area.

Is anyone aware of any LED candelabra bulbs (for chandeliers) that are a 40+ watt equivalent that do not have the white plastic base or at least not as much? We also need the bulbs to be dimmable and would prefer for them not to break the bank as we’ve seen costs of LED bulbs all over the place. Attached is an example of what our current bulbs look like. Thank you for any help you can provide.