LED corn bulb

LED corn light bulb are named due to its shape and appearance, because they looks corn or corn on the pcb. Instead of individual corn chips, the cob is composed of individual LED lights which can number between 24 to 144 LED lights, depending upon the size and style of the bulb. 360 degree view angle

Our Ranpo LED Corn bulb used different SMD like : 3528 SMD, 5050 SMD, 2835 SMD,5730 SMD, and 4014 SMD with white PCB and black PCB both with plastic cover.

Dimmabe and Not Dimmable both Optional. Dimmable LED Corn bulb can be used with most dimmer from 0% to 100%

These lights are available in several colors, but the most popular choices are warm white . neutral white and cool white .LED lights are commonly seen in many homes across the country as homeowners move towards a more economical solution for their lighting needs.