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Led corn bulb​ applications

Led corn bulb applications

1, the use of LED solid light source, no glass shell, tungsten wire and other vulnerable parts, stand the shock impact, common E27 common interface can be directly installed in the common exchange 86V to 265V interface, easy to use and safe.

2, energy-saving effect is obvious, the power of 2.5W LED lighting, brightness equivalent to 40W incandescent bulbs, energy-saving 80%.

3, a unique thermal design process to LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours or more, the whole lamp does not need to replace the light source for life, maintenance costs are very low.

4, no adverse glare, no strobe. Eliminating the glare of the traditional glare caused by poor glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference.

5, start without delay, power to reach the normal brightness, without waiting, the number of switches can reach more than 1 million times. LED energy-saving light bulbs are suitable for home, office, school, hospital, shopping mall, corridor, hall, station, industrial plant, house, hotel, restaurant and other lighting places that need to create warm environment.

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