LED corn Light

While LED lights are generally more expensive than regular lighting, they last much longer than standard light bulbs. Some of the main features of LED lights include:

§ This lighting option is extremely energy efficient and low maintenance;

§ A completely “green” option with no gases or other harmful emissions;

§ Will not cause damage, such as fading, caused by traditional lighting;

§ Any heat generated by these lights is almost non-existent when compared to CFL light bulbs;

§ Light emitted from LED light bulbs does not cause damage to skin or eyes;

§ Average life span of these lights is 30,000 hours which equates to three years and four months.

LED corn light bulbs can be used in table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. The extreme brightness of these lights makes them ideal for use in vanity mirrors in bathrooms where you want to be able to see things clearly.