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Privacy Policy

This is our privacy policy. We try to make our privacy policy as straightforward as possible while privacy policies are usually stacked with legal term which is head achingly confusing to read on other shopping sites. But please be aware that straightforward is by no means equivalent to short and simple; actually this policy is quite verbose since we’re talking about such a serious topic so you might want to grab a cup of coffee so you can sip slowly as you read. 


As far as we are concerned, a privacy policy is not document that exists simply because your competitors have a privacy policy.


A privacy policy is not a document which consists of bits and pieces you hastily cut and paste from other privacy policies on your competitors’ site.


A privacy policy is a articulation of trust, based on deep consideration in which a company says to their customers from the bottom of their heart, ‘It is my great honor to get you trusted me with your personal information and never will I live up to that trust. Instead I will safeguard that personal information with due diligence.”

In this way, Ranpo Lighting ’s privacy policy is a articulation of trust which includes three main aspects:


1. What personal information we collect and why we collect this information.

2. How your personal information is safe with us.

3. The extent by which you have control over your information.


What personal information we collect and why we collect this information


Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd owns and operates ranpolighting.net. we  believes it is important for you to know what information we collect when you visit our site. We collect such personal information as your name, your address, your telephone number, your email address, and your credit card number. This is what most people consider private and personal and want protected from unauthorized access.


Other information may also be collected such as your computer’s IP address, a series of numbers that identify which particular computer or network is connected to the Internet, your browser version, your language preferences, how many times you’ve visited the site, and which pages you’ve clicked on, this is generally considered as non-personally identifiable information and less of a concern from a privacy perspective because identifying you personally is impossible based on this information.

At ranpolighting.net, we do not only collect but also keep safe both types of information.

Personal information is necessary for example when you place an order. If we encounter a problem when processing your order, we may use the telephone number you provide us with to contact you.We have to know and save your email address for instance when you register with us and we need to send you a confirmation email.


Non-personal information is needed for customizing your experience with our site. Knowing the times for a page clicked for example may help us determine which product you probably want to buy. Knowing which products you’ve visited the most for example, allows us to recommend similar products you might be interested in.


Ranpo Lighting uses cookies and web beacons (also known as "action tags") to gather this non-personal information. Cookies are small pieces of text which are stored by your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive with information like your chosen language and are read each time you return to our site so we can remember your preferences.  Actions tags are conducive to deliver cookies and help us decide whether a web page on our site has been viewed and, if so, how many times. For example, any product photo on our site, such as an ad banner, can function as a web beacon.

Basically, the collection of both personal and non-personal information is exclusively for the purpose of providing you with excellent service.


Selling your personal or non-personal information is never in our business philosophy and definitely intolerable to us.


How your personal information is safe with us.

We share your personal information with third-party service providers, but it is for specific purposes on your behalf only. For example, we have to forward your name and shipping address to our partners (such as DHL, and UPS) to ensure delivery of your orders. Similarly, to process your payment, we must provide your credit card number to financial-services organizations such as credit-card processors and issuers. When you use PayPal to pay for your order, PayPal will have more personal information about you such as your order details. To be frank though, we feel all of them are big companies and can be trusted and that’s why we’ve partnered with them.


Additionally, judicial requests by a duly authorized court will require us to disclose certain information regarding your account should that situation arise. Finally, should our company ever be bought or sold, your account information would then become the property of the new corporation.


To sum up what mentioned above, they are times when third parties may have access to your personal information but they all are reliable third parties.

Essentially, as for the daily conduct of business, we have many safeguarding strategies solidly in place from both a human resource and information technology vulnerability perspective.


Human Resource Vulnerabilities


Only the most relevant people to work at hand is accessible to your personal information, depending both on their seniority and rank within our company. What’s more, we screen applicants very cautiously. It is impossible to be a ranpolighting.net employee if he or she has a criminal background. Additionally, all our employees sign Confidentiality Agreement with very serious legal consequences for anyone who disobeys the terms of the agreement. Anybody who leaves our company won’t have access to your information any more and passwords for the entire system will be modified.


This is just a brief overview of the extensive security vulnerability practices on hand to ensure that your information is safe with us from a human resources perspective.


Information Technology Vulnerabilities

There’s no doubt that hacker attacks and IT attacks exist in the internet world. They happen. And they happen all the time. Even the web’s best and biggest including government, major news and financial websites, and IT sites can’t be exempt from being hitting by hackers. 

What’s worse, if hackers are motivated enough, people are really helpless in stopping them. This worry at you, but we guess you probably won’t stop shopping online due to this issue. Since it is a fact that life is full of danger. And that’s how we feel too.

We, however, do everything possible to minimize the risks. We use available technology and encryption, when legally required or when appropriate for your protection, to provide a more secure environment and to reduce the chance of unauthorized access. Personal Information is stored in a secure environment protected by a combination of physical and technical measures. Tape backups are not permitted to leave the premises without prior authorization. What’s more, we employ the latest in firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access into our information storage areas. 


All information stated previously suggests the extent by which we take the safety of your personal information as a top priority here at ranpolighting.net.


You Control Your Information


Changing either personal information or non-personal information can be easily done at ranpolighting.net. 

For personal information, simply modify no matter what details you wish in your account. You also have the option of deleting any information from your account that you wish to keep private. However, please be noted that we will be unable to retrieve your old information or the contents of your old account because we don’t keep backups of them and there’s no practical reason for doing so.


To stop receiving our promotions, please contact info@ranpolighting.com  or mail to 2nd Floor D building Jian Jin Industrail Area Dong Huan 2nd Road Long Hua Shenzhen Guangdong China 

In terms of non-personal information and the use of cookies and web beacons, you can disable your browsers to accept cookies or to load web beacons, but this will prevent us from gathering certain non-personal information from you. 



To keep you informed of what information we collect, use, and disclose, we will post any changes or updates to this Privacy Notice on this Site and encourage you to review this Privacy Notice from time to time. If you have any questions about the Privacy Notice, please contact us.

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